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A Message from the GM: What It Takes to Be a Lineman

With school in full swing, GVEC will once again visit area classrooms to teach students about electrical safety. This is something the Co-op has been dedicated to doing for the last 30 years...Read More

AC/Heating. It Doesn't Have to Be Confusing

What's the difference? Not all air conditioning systems are built the same. If a system is "single-speed"... Read More.

What Do Efficiency and Community Have in Common?

The answer is...GVEC. Although our focus has always been on providing reliable electricity, we've also looked for ways to make life more efficient for GVEC members...Read More

Two A-Mazing Dreams

Most retirement plans include traveling, hobbies, and building your dream home. They usually don't include building a maze. But surprisingly, two families shared....Read More

Texas Showdown

What happens when two cities at opposite ends of the country claim to be The Turkey Capital? What else but a good old fashioned Texas showdown...Read More



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